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Executive Team

The 2021 Delta Fastpitch Association Executive was elected at the AGM on October 29, 2020 at 7pm:

 President  Lisa Brown-Rooke
 Vice-president  Shaun Dadd
 Treasurer  Kristie Campbell
  Secretary  Lindsay Bochen
  Director of Membership   Erica Hurley 
  Director of Communication   Annie Pérez-León
  Director of Coaching   Chris Roper
  Director of Player Development   Chris Ainge
 Director of Grassroots Development  Paula Kolisnek
 Registrar  VACANT
 Scheduler  VACANT
 UIC  David Bailey
 Tournament Coordinator  Jennifer Goepel
 Equipment & Uniform Coordinator  Clay Magnusson
 LTP Coordinator  Haley Chang
 U8 Coordinator  Vanessa Zulke
 U10 Coordinator  Ashley Reynolds
 U12 Coordinator  VACANT
 U14 Coordinator  VACANT
 U16 Coordinator  VACANT
 U19 Coordinator  VACANT
 Heat Liaison  Shannon Sullivan
 Invaders Liaison  Sandra Selinger
 Inferno Liaison  Michelle Jordan


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AGM October 2020

Thank you to all who attended our annual AGM via Zoom on October 29, 2020.

Our entire organization is 100% volunteer-run.  We currently have 9 voting positions and 11 non-voting positions on our Executive.  

Please see below for a brief description of each position. 

Voting Positions

President: Currently held by Lisa Brown-Rooke
Oversees the general business of the association and represents the association at various meetings.

Vice President:  Currently held by Shaun Dadd.
Assists the President and fills in when the President is not available.

Treasurer:  Currently held by Kristie Campbell
Oversees the financial business of the association. 
A background in accounting is ideal.

Secretary:  Currently held by Lindsay Bochen
Takes and distributes minutes of meetings and books meeting/clinic space on behalf of the association.

Director of Coaching: Currently held by Chris Roper.

Director of Membership:  Currently held by Erica Hurley

Director of Communication:  Currently held by Annie Perez-Leon
Keeps members informed through email, website and social media.

Director of Player Development: Currenlty held by Chris Ainge. Plans and executes clinics for player development.

Director of Grassroots Development: Currently held by Paula Kolisnek. Plans and executes player development programs for our House division.

Non-voting Positions

Heat Representative:  Currently held by Shannon Sullivan. 
Liaises between the Executive and the Delta Heat teams.

Invaders Representative:  Currently held by Sandra Selinger. 
Liaises between the Executive and the Delta Invaders teams.

Inferno Representative:  Currently held by Michelle Jordan. 
Liaises between the Executive and the Delta Inferno teams.

Equipment & Uniform Coordinator:  Currently held by Clay Magnusson
Orders equipment and uniforms as well as hands out and collects for our teams.

LTP Coordinator :  Currently held by Haley Chang
Puts together teams and organizes sessions for the LTP teams.

U8 Coordinator: Currently held by Vanessa Zulke
Puts together teams and organizes sessions for the U8 teams.

U10 Coordinator:  Currently held by Ashley Reynolds
Puts together teams and organizes sessions for the U10 teams in the North & South.  Works with coaches to put together a tournament team and select kids for the Super Mite Tournament.

Registrar: Currently VACANT
Registers all of our teams and players with Softball BC.

UIC:  Currently held by David Bailey.
Recruits, trains and organizes our umpires.  Works with the allocator to ensure games are looked after.

Tournament Coordinator:  Currently led by Jennifer Goepel. Organizes and promotes our tournaments.

Scheduler:  Currently VACANT
Schedules and allocates home games for all of our teams, in collaboration with the Lower Mainland group.