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Executive Team

The 2021 Delta Fastpitch Association Executive was elected at the AGM on October 29, 2020 at 7pm:

 President  Lisa Brown-Rooke
 Vice-President  Shaun Dadd
 Treasurer  Kristie Campbell
 Secretary  Lindsay Bochen
 Director of Coaching  Chris Roper
 Director of Membership  Erica Hurley
 Director of Communication  Annie Perez-Leon

 Director of Grassroots Development

 Paula Kolisnek
 Director of Player Development   Chris Ainge
  Heat Liaison   Shannon Sullivan
  Invaders Liaison   Sandra Selinger
  Inferno Liaison   Michelle Jordan
  Equipment & Uniform Coordinator  VACANT
  LTP Coordinator   VACANT
 U8 Coordinator   VACANT
 U10 Coordinator   Ashley Reynolds
 Registrar  VACANT
   UIC   David Bailey
 Scheduler  VACANT
 Tournament Coordinator  Jennifer Goepel 


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AGM October 2020

Thank you to all who attended our annual AGM via Zoom on October 29, 2020.

Our entire organization is 100% volunteer-run.  We currently have 9 voting positions and 11 non-voting positions on our Executive.  

Please see below for a brief description of each position. 

Voting Positions

President: Currently held by Lisa Brown-Rooke
Oversees the general business of the association and represents the association at various meetings.

Vice President:  Currently held by Shaun Dadd.
Assists the President and fills in when the President is not available.

Treasurer:  Currently held by Kristie Campbell
Oversees the financial business of the association. 
A background in accounting is ideal.

Secretary:  Currently held by Lindsay Bochen
Takes and distributes minutes of meetings and books meeting/clinic space on behalf of the association.

Director of Coaching: Currently held by Chris Roper.

Director of Membership:  Currently held by Erica Hurley

Director of Communication:  Currently held by Annie Perez-Leon
Keeps members informed through email, website and social media.

Director of Player Development: Currenlty held by Chris Ainge. Plans and executes clinics for player development.

Director of Grassroots Development: Currently held by Paula Kolisnek. Plans and executes player development programs for our House division.

Non-voting Positions

Heat Representative:  Currently held by Shannon Sullivan. 
Liaises between the Executive and the Delta Heat teams.

Invaders Representative:  Currently held by Sandra Selinger. 
Liaises between the Executive and the Delta Invaders teams.

Inferno Representative:  Currently held by Michelle Jordan. 
Liaises between the Executive and the Delta Inferno teams.

Equipment & Uniform Coordinator:  Currently VACANT
Orders equipment and uniforms as well as hands out and collects for our teams.

LTP Coordinator :  Currently VACANT
Puts together teams and organizes sessions for the LTP teams.

U10 Coordinator:  Currently held by Ashley Reynolds
Puts together teams and organizes sessions for the U10 teams in the North & South.  Works with coaches to put together a tournament team and select kids for the Super Mite Tournament.

Registrar: Currently VACANT
Registers all of our teams and players with Softball BC.

UIC:  Currently held by David Bailey.
Recruits, trains and organizes our umpires.  Works with the allocator to ensure games are looked after.

Tournament Coordination Committee:  Currently led by Jennifer Goepel. Organizes and promotes our tournaments.

Scheduler:  Currently VACANT
Schedules and allocates home games for all of our teams, in collaboration with the Lower Mainland group.