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Scholarship Opportunities

Delta Fastpitch Association Scholarship Application

Application timeline: April 1st to May 1st, 2024
Please do not submit applications prior to April 1st.

Delta Fastpitch Association invites current Delta Fastpitch players to apply for Delta Fastpitch Scholarships valued at $750 each.

The scholarships will be awarded to  students who will:

  1.  Graduate high school in the application year
  2. Who are or will be attending a post secondary institution in the application year.

Applicants must:

•   Be a current member in good standing with Delta Fastpitch
•   Have 6+ years of service with Delta Fastpitch as a player, coach or umpire
•   Have participated in volunteer activities for DFA teams and/or the DFA organization (15+ hours)
•   Provide their degree of competence as a player, coach or umpire
•   Have been accepted to a post-secondary institution
•   Have continuing education aspirations
•   Provide copies of their last 2 years of high school grades

• Provide 2 recommendation letters, one from a current or past coach, plus one from someone outside of softball
•  Provide a description of how you have contributed to the improvement of softball in Delta

The successful candidate will be selected by the Scholarship Committee of the Delta Fastpitch Executive and must provide confirmation of acceptance to a post-secondary institution.

Delta Fastpitch Scholarship Application Forms are available on this website.

Applications must be received (either by email or as a hard copy) by the Delta Fastpitch Executive from April 1st to May 1st of your application year.  Contact for submissions.


Send applications to: Scholarships


2022 DFA scholarship recipients

2020 DFA scholarship recipients

2021 DFA scholarship recipients

2021 DFA scholarship recipients

Bob Wood bursary

A $250 bursary is available to be awarded to a Delta Secondary School student,  preferably a current or former Delta softball player. Applications need to be sent directly to Delta Secondary School. Delta Fastpitch Executive will assist with the selection of the bursary recipient. 

For more information, please contact Delta Secondary School.

Other scholarship opportunities